White Sneakers 👟 and Tie-Dye

Happy Saturday! ☀️ 
I enjoyed my Friday night walking around Old Town in shoes that didn’t make me want to sit down. White sneakers are taking over the sidewalks and it’s awesome! My white sneakers are Adidas, but so many brands have the white everyday sneaker look. I’ve noticed that a lot of them have fun designs on them or a huge platform. Sandals aren’t the only thing you need for summer right now. 

I also love my soft tee from American Eagle. Tie-dye designs are planning to stick around through 2017.  It’s no new trend but it’s popping up a lot more lately on different pieces of clothing. You either hate or love the tie-dye look, there is no in between. If you look around there are so many different forms of it.  Some clothing has a more faded hue, while others go all out. It’s a fun look that we can thank the 60’s & the hippies for!

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