Denim… Denim…Denim 

Sipping on my favorite beverage: craft beer. Jeans from American Eagle 

When you talk about denim most people think a cute pair of blue jeans. You also wouldn’t think denim would be “trendy” if we were talking about jeans, because everyone wears those. But, wearing denim is my favorite style right now and it can be found on a lot of racks!

You can find denim dresses, denim blouses, denim skirts (yes!!! Those cute mini jean skirts you wore in middle school are back!). There is a lot of variety and creativity in the denim world right now. 

Speaking of creativity, let’s talk about jeans. Wearing jeans will obviously always be a thing. However, there are more options than just your typical blue jeans. It’s the time to be bold and buy (or make) a pair of jeans with floral patches, hole jeans, loose jeans, light and washed out jeans! There are so many options and most of these can go with anything! Your jeans can be so chic that you won’t have to worry about making the rest of your outfit look exciting.

I have two favorite pieces in my closet right now that are also in the pictures below. One is my blue denim spaghetti strap dress from Express and the other is my white denim skirt with a zipper in front from Free People/bought at South Moon Under.

I added my plain white tshirt under my dress to add an extra detail to my outfit. P.S. it also helps if you are a person like me who always has to pull your straps up. This is a cute, daytime outing look that I love!

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