Me and my boyfriend had a nice, casual Friday night out with friends. I can’t remember the last time we actually went out where it wasn’t just the two of us. We definitely enjoyed ourselves, hence the red wine in my hand:) I got to wear my new  jeans from American Eagle out too! American eagle makes the best jeans… the material is sooo comfy. This pair has an uneven destroyed hem and two color tones on the front and back. They  are so fun to wear. I paired these with an off the shoulder patterned shirt & of course my Steve Madden wedges. My turquoise Kate Spade satchel gave a little pop of color to the whole outfit. You can barely notice but I’m wearing long statement earrings from Lucky Brand with a small gold necklace. I thought about wearing a longer necklace, but when I tried it on, there was way too much going on. Remember simple style is good style 😘 #whatiwore 

Business to Casual 

Oh how I love my new knotted bodycon dress by Sadie & Sage apparel! I got this dress from Southmoonunder on sale for $36 during their huge sale last week! It was such a great deal. I always try to find outfits that I can wear to work and to other social events without looking like I am about to step into a business meeting. This dress is simple, and it’s easy to dress it up or down depending on the occasion. When I wore it I was going to work, so I tried to be as simple as possible. I added a thin chained silver necklace to keep it classy and wore my light grey BOC wedges rather than strappy heels so it didn’t look like I was ready for the club 😜 

I would definitely wear this to a happy hour or daytime event too! 

White Sneakers 👟 and Tie-Dye

Happy Saturday! ☀️ 
I enjoyed my Friday night walking around Old Town in shoes that didn’t make me want to sit down. White sneakers are taking over the sidewalks and it’s awesome! My white sneakers are Adidas, but so many brands have the white everyday sneaker look. I’ve noticed that a lot of them have fun designs on them or a huge platform. Sandals aren’t the only thing you need for summer right now. 

I also love my soft tee from American Eagle. Tie-dye designs are planning to stick around through 2017.  It’s no new trend but it’s popping up a lot more lately on different pieces of clothing. You either hate or love the tie-dye look, there is no in between. If you look around there are so many different forms of it.  Some clothing has a more faded hue, while others go all out. It’s a fun look that we can thank the 60’s & the hippies for!

Denim… Denim…Denim 

Sipping on my favorite beverage: craft beer. Jeans from American Eagle 

When you talk about denim most people think a cute pair of blue jeans. You also wouldn’t think denim would be “trendy” if we were talking about jeans, because everyone wears those. But, wearing denim is my favorite style right now and it can be found on a lot of racks!

You can find denim dresses, denim blouses, denim skirts (yes!!! Those cute mini jean skirts you wore in middle school are back!). There is a lot of variety and creativity in the denim world right now. 

Speaking of creativity, let’s talk about jeans. Wearing jeans will obviously always be a thing. However, there are more options than just your typical blue jeans. It’s the time to be bold and buy (or make) a pair of jeans with floral patches, hole jeans, loose jeans, light and washed out jeans! There are so many options and most of these can go with anything! Your jeans can be so chic that you won’t have to worry about making the rest of your outfit look exciting.

I have two favorite pieces in my closet right now that are also in the pictures below. One is my blue denim spaghetti strap dress from Express and the other is my white denim skirt with a zipper in front from Free People/bought at South Moon Under.

I added my plain white tshirt under my dress to add an extra detail to my outfit. P.S. it also helps if you are a person like me who always has to pull your straps up. This is a cute, daytime outing look that I love!

No More Rules – Layer Your Jewelry

neckalceThe rule use to be “you can’t wear silver and gold together”. But in 2017 that rule has become very irrelevant or everyone FINALLY realized that you can combine your different jewelry pieces and it is oh so very chic! Mixing metals, textiles, lengths, and colors is a fun trending style. The big statement pieces are still in too; however the simple jewelry that you can wear every day is definitely becoming more popular. There are many different ways to pull this trend off. You can use chokers, long chains, pendants, and more. Have your smaller pieces on a shorter chain, while having your bigger pendants or Lariats on longer chains. The first necklace should always be the one with the shortest chain, while the rest should be a few inches longer. The key is to make it look like you did not spend a lot of effort figuring this out. Now go get out of your comfort zone and mix and match your next statement piece!